• USA 2017


    • Purpose of the trip

      Our Vision is to:

      “Enable our young men to become business leaders who act with industry and integrity in Palmerston North, New Zealand and around the Globe.”

      We believe there are two aspects to achieving this vision:

      • Firstly, there is the Academic foundation
      • But secondly, and just as important, there are the Life skills that our young men require, gained only through experiences and challenges set before them: Whether that be areas of Business Leadership, Enterprise, or financial literacy.

      As a department:

      we understand that a person’s academic results will only “get them through the door” for an interview or business opportunity.  It is the young man’s personal, communication, and general life skills that will help to decide his future in the Commerce World.  As such, we want to help develop our young men in the areas of: Business Leadership, Enterprise, and financial literacy.

      According to the OECD secretary general Angel Gurria:

      “… the low level of financial literacy observed in most countries has been, if not a direct cause of the crisis, at least one of the aggravating factors to the current financial climate”.

      We have decided to take a more proactive and holistic approach to the development of our young men in terms of financial literacy, enterprise, and leadership.  We agree with the recent ERO report about Enterprise in the NZ Curriculum in which it states that:

      …leadership is central to developing enterprise learning in secondary schools. Leaders need to value enterprise and reflect this in the school’s curriculum planning, assessment, classroom resources and professional development.”

      This trip is designed to encourage our young men to 'dream big'', to expand their horizons and inspire them to follow their dreams. By showing them the opportunities that exist we hope to inspire our young men to make a difference. The people they meet will allow them to make contacts that can assist them in developing their future careers.