Level 3 Calculus Information

Level Three Calculus (24 Credits)

Externals Differentiation, Integration &Complex Numbers

Internals Conics & Trigonometric Relationships

Prerequisites: 18 Credits in Level Two Mathematics including one of Algebra or Calculus Standards

This course has a strong dependency on algebraic skills and problem solving. In addition, good reading comprehension is required for problem analysis.

Calculus is a tool used to model the way our world changes. Engineers and scientists apply it to analyse large physical structures or model evolutionary trajectories of cell structures. Weather forecasts are generated using, among other techniques, calculus as is tracking the flux of our geomagnetic field. Economists rely on calculus to analyse the stock market, track currency shifts or develop new air travel routes. Good graphic designers and computer animation artists rely heavily on calculus for their creative outcomes. Health students need physics to get into their dental, medical or veterinary courses. Tertiary Level Physics becomes much more accessible with a knowledge of calculus. In short, calculus opens many doors.

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