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  • Smallbore Shooting

    What it's all abou

    Small Bore Rifle Shooting is a safe and competitive sport that involves shooting .22 calibre long barrel rifles.

    When first starting off, shooters will learn to shoot on a support. This is where the rifle is rested on a wooden box and the shooter ‘only’ has to aim down the sights. When the shooter demonstrates a high level of competency and consistency, they will have the box removed and replaced with an arm support (sling).


    Shooting will start on Week 1 of Term 2 for new and sling shooters, and from week 2 for all Rest shooters.

    Shooting will be on Wednesday from 4 to 5.30 pm for rest shooters (limited spaces are available) and between 6pm and 7pm for sling shooters.

    Cost will be $135 which includes ammunition, targets and rifle hire.


    For more information, please contact Dr Bland (C1).