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  • Triathlon

    PNBHS Triathlon club is made up of a number of specialist triathletes together with a number of all round athletes and individual specialists.

    The school competes in three major events.

    The first is the New Zealand Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships, which is normally held in the fourth week of each new academic year. We have won NZ titles at the last three events and our current crop of Seniors having won the teams title in every age group. This event has a range of events from Team Triathlons to Aquathon over a four day competition.

    The second major event is the National Secondary Schools Duathlon Championship and this is generally held at the end of August in Taupo. At this event, we have also performed to a high level. This is a one-day event, but requires an overnight in Taupo.

    The Manawatu Triathlon club runs events throughout the year and host the Manawatu Secondary School Champs, which acts our third event, in which we have dominated in the boys events over recent years.

    With NZ triathletes competing on the world stage, the sport is gaining in popularity. The school has traditionally had outstanding athletes on the bike, in the pool and on the track and Triathlon gives them the opportunity to be involved both as individuals or as a team member. The three events we are involved in will give the serious triathletes the exposure for higher honours and a pathway into an international career.



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