Themen dieses Kurses

  • Connecting to PNBHS BYOD wifi

  • Printing from Student Devices on BYOD WIFI

    Make sure that your device is connected to PNBHS-BYOD wireless

    Once connected open an Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, safari)

    In the address bar type and press ENTER

    Login with your school account username and password

    You will be presented with the PaperCutMF summary page which display your balance, print jobs, total pages etc.

    You can print any office doc xls, doc, ppt, all pic files and PDF



    On left hand side click on WEB PRINT



    Click on SUBMIT A JOB link

    From here select the amount of copies, and then click UPLOAD DOCUMENTS



    From here you can drag your files to the DRAG FILES HERE allocated grey area or click on UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER and select your file to print



    Once completed click on UPLOAD & COMPLETE and this will send the print job to the Follow_Me print queue. Go to any printer, enter your code and then print document.