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  • Tennis

    Representing PNBHS

    The PNBHS Senior A Tennis team participates in the following fixtures each year:

    • Super 8 Tennis Tournament

    • Traditional Interschool Fixtures 
    vs Napier and New Plymouth BHS

    • Senior Quadrangular Tournament 

    vs Auckland Grammar, Hamilton Boys and Wellington College

    • National Secondary Schools teams’ event

    The PNBHS Junior A Tennis team (Year 9 and 10 students) participates in the following fixtures each year:

    • Junior Quadrangular Tournament 

    vs Napier, New Plymouth and Tauranga BHS

    • Traditional Interschool fixtures

    vs Napier and New Plymouth BHS

    These students along with students that wish to be considered participate in regular coaching squads organised by the school. Challenges for positions in the team can be made throughout the year by contacting the Teacher in Charge.


    Manawatu Interclub Tennis

    The school has teams in the local interclub competition for any student wishing to participate in the sport. Registrations occur in the final weeks of Term 3 and the first week of Term 1. The following competitions are available:

    • Saturday Interclub (Competitive). 

    Teams of 4. Students can register as a group or individually. Aimed at students who want a challenging game each week.

    • Wednesday After School (Social League). 

    Individual competition or sometimes doubles. Games are arranged on the day. Aimed at beginners/intermediate players with a fun/social focus. 

    • Premier Interclub.

    For the experienced player who wants to play at the highest regional level

    All registrations come with coaching options if desired. Competitions run for the term and payment is required to complete the registration process. Players can change grades/competitions at the start of each term. Anybody wanting to participate can talk to the Teacher in Charge.


    Tennis Uniform

    White PNBHS Tennis shirt (or other sport equivalent), blue PNBHS Tennis shorts, and white socks.

    Representative teams have uniform provided.



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