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  • Senior Examinations


     6-13 SEPTEMBER 2023

    All Students in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 are on examination leave from Wednesday 6th – Wednesday 13th September. 10SC, 10PA, will return for normal classes on Tuesday 12th September. 10DT will return for normal classes on the afternoon of Thursday 7 September.


    All Students in 10SC, 10PA, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 are on examination leave from Wednesday 6th – Wednesday 13th September.

                                                     General Organisation


    ·         8.45am                  Examination students report for morning examinations.

    ·         9.00 – 12.00pm    Morning Examinations

    ·         12.00 – 1.00pm     Lunch (A warning bell will ring at 12:50pm)

    ·         1.00 – 4.00pm      Afternoon Examinations


    • Check the dates on your examination timetable carefully.


    Students sitting a two standard examination must stay in the examination for at least 2 hours.

    Students sitting a three standard examination must stay in the examination for 3 hours.


    • The examination timetable is posted on Stratus. The Hall is the main examination centre, so most exams will be sat in the Hall. As well as the Hall, the Old Gym (OGYM) and H Block will be used. Art exams are in F Block. Note: many of the Technology and Art ‘exams’ are supervised work sessions.


    • Exam clashes will be dealt with and covered in the exam timetable.  Students with clashes need to see their Dean as soon as they have received their timetable.  Students should attend the timetabled exam and meet their respective Dean at student support on the day they sit their clash. 


    • If you have an exam in the Hall or Old Gym, get there 15 minutes before the exam starts.


    • Make sure you have noted the correct examination times and rooms, and that you have checked for clashes.


    ·         Correct school uniform must be worn to the examinations.


    • Only water, in a small clear bottle, may be consumed during an examination. No food is to be eaten in any room. Diabetic students should see Mr Pinder to get an exeat stating they have permission to snack if this is required for medical purposes.


    • Calculators may only be taken into examination rooms for subjects where you have used a calculator during the year.  You cannot keep notes or routines in the memory of calculators.


    ·         Supervision for students who have lost study leave will be available on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September in the Library.  Ensure you meet this obligation.


    ·         If you wish to remain at school to study, you will need to report to the Library.  This area will be supervised by staff. If necessary, other study rooms will be allocated.


    ·         As several subjects may be examined in one venue please listen carefully to the instructions regarding

    entry/exit into and out of the Hall & Old Gym.



    • Rolls will be checked at the commencement of each examination. The school needs to be advised promptly of any non-attendance at an examination.  Contact will be made with parents if there are any unexplained absences from examinations. Check your timetables each morning.


    • A note/medical certificate of explanation is required for any non-attendance.  Absences will be followed up and students will be made to sit the missed examination at a later date.


    • All students will sit examinations in all subjects.  If there are any reasons why timetabled examination commitments cannot be met, please see Mr Pinder ASAP.


    Check Stratus for all exam updates and general student notices.