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    • Final Match Report - Term 1 2024

      • General Information

        The Cake League Cricket competition offers Year 9 and 10 students the opportunity to play cricket during Terms 1 & 4, whether they have played it before or not.  Players register to play by paying the entry fee to the school finance office. 

        The competition is an internally run competition comprising six teams playing in a 20/20 round robin competition.  If time allows, semi-finals are played to determine the top two teams in the competition.  However, all teams play in the finals, each team playing for a cake as first prize in their respective games.

        The competition is played on Saturday mornings – students meet outside the Jubilee Room at 8:00am sharp and games are usually finished between 11:00-11:30am.  Games are played on the two artificial turfs at PNBHS and one at QEC.

        The games are 20/20 without fielding restrictions or free hits for no-balls – all the other rules of cricket (including LBW) apply.  Every player is encouraged to bowl at least one over (there is a maximum of 8 balls per over) and no bowler may bowl more than 4 overs.  Batsmen retire on 35.  Players who do not bat in a game are moved to the top of the order for the next game to ensure that everyone receives an equal opportunity to bat during the season and all players contribute to the success of the team.

        Trainings occur from 3:40-5:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the cricket nets to the rear of the school.  Players are encouraged to attend both nights but at least one a week would be fine.

        Students do not require their own cricket gear as this is provided by the school.  However, players do need to wear the correct playing uniform which consists of the following:

        A blue school cap or white brimmed hat; white PNBHS cricket shirt or equivalent (a T-shirt is acceptable, as long as it is white); white cricket longs or white PE shorts; white socks; any colour sneakers although our preference is obviously for white.  No advertising is allowed on any non-school gear.   If it is cold, then players may wear any of the following: a white cricket jersey; a grey school jersey; a black school jacket; a blue school hoodie.  The wearing of sunscreen is highly recommended, but this is up to the players to arrange themselves.

        • Match Reports - Term 1 2023

          Unfortunately, rain resulted in the Finals being cancelled.

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          • Term 1 2022 Final

            The photo below is of  the finalists of the 2022 Term 1 Competition:  Team Milne (who finished the Round Robbin Competition unbeaten) and Team Cleaver.