In Memory of Mr Crosswell

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In Memory of Mr Crosswell
by Gerard Atkin - Monday, 30 April 2018, 2:24 PM

April 28 marked the one year anniversary of the passing of PNBHS teacher and College House Master, Mr James Crosswell.  Head Prefect Digby Werthmuller spoke at assembly this morning about Mr. Crosswell and his legacy at Palmerston North Boys' High School.

"Mr Crosswell was a man that could be easily approached by either a student, teacher, or teammate. His willingness to give to this school, and more importantly his willingness to give to the family he had, both at College House and at home, was a never-ending physical display of his passion and pride for what he cared for. Mr Crosswell was someone who any student could get along with, his resilience to step out of the role of being a teacher and become simply one of the lads, is something that truly defines what a man he was and why we as students and staff cared so much for him. He gave respect in order to receive it, and I think that on behalf of all the boys I can say that he had earned it. Perhaps it took longer with some, but this was a prime example of how he would never give up in trying to gain or accomplish that task, whether it be with something as simple as that, or whether it was with a student, teacher, teammate, or friend that was having troubles. He would never level with defeat. He was determined to see things through, with Rugby, School, Friendships, hardships, and comradeships. Mr Crosswell was one who did not feign affection, and in saying that I could go on forever about how great the guy was, but he wouldn’t have wanted that. He wouldn’t have wanted his passing to hold people back. He would have wanted us to continue on and learn. Learn from the experiences, the lowest lows, the highest highs, and most importantly what life is, as an experience, and as a journey, in each and everyone's ways. Each to their own. I will never forget the talks we had whilst Ila his daughter would be swinging of his hand, and I will most certainly never forget the man who Ila was swinging off. Jo, Mrs Crosswell you are that hand now, and we know, Jimmy as well, that there is no better person or mother to do a better job. Keep the grind up and never level with defeat. Boys, whether you play in the white gears or perform in our uniforms, be proud to be a part of something that Mr Crosswell contributed to. Never level with defeat, push onwards and upwards.

I ask for you all to please stand with me in remembering Mr Jimmy Crosswell with a minute of silence. School Stand."