BCITO Big Construction Tour

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BCITO Big Construction Tour
by Ella Mitchell - Friday, 15 June 2018, 9:33 AM

BCITO Big Construction Tour

On Wednesday 30th of May a group of 8 keen PNBHS senior students from the year 12 Construction course joined other schools around the district and took part in the annual BCITO Big Construction Tour. This involved visiting multiple worksites throughout the day where students were given the opportunity to ask questions about what is involved and expected when it comes time for them to transition from school to their desired place of work.

At each job place the boys’ were spoken to about what is involved and expected in the respective industries. It gave the boys’ free insight, by the workers themselves, as to whether they would like to pursue a career in these particular lines of work. It also helped the student’s gain an understanding of what a preferred employee would look like and how an ideal candidate would present themselves when the time should arise to take the step into the work force. It was pleasing to see the students identify some common links between the PNBHS standards and characteristics sought after by employers.

The PNBHS students had benefited from their Construction classes and in the construction of the new classroom as they were able to answer questions that related to different types of building materials and their purposes. Being able to relate building materials taught and spoken about in class to the industry that some of these boys would be entering would have shown the boys’ a sense of real purpose in their Construction class.

The small exposure and interactions within the different types of workplaces were largely beneficially for the students to determine if that career would suit them, but it also gave them perspective as to what most employers are looking for when recruiting due to the common characteristics sought after and how their time at school can help prepare them.