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Gerard Atkin發表於2021年 03月 24日(Wed) 09:36

Manawatu Secondary Schools Athletics Championships 

Saturday, 20 March 2021

The weather was variable with a strong cool headwind in the home straight.  A pleasing set of results were obtained. 

The school contested 40 events for 33 wins, 20 seconds and 14 thirds.


Angus Lyver continued his fine run of results by winning the Albert Potjes Memorial Trophy for Athlete of the Meeting, with the following performances: 1st in Long Jump, 6m 86cms - a Manawatu record which he has bettered twice and equal to a school record set by Liam Carr in 2013; 1st in the 200m, 22.21secs (P.B.); 1st in Javelin, 40m 75cms.

Braxton Kauri - 1st in U16 100 Hurdles (14.84secs) and 300 Hurdles (42.2secs) - a top display.

Forbes Kennedy was in fine form in the Intermediate grade winning the 200m in 22.85secs and 1st in the Long Jump, 6m 43cms.

The following boys won their events:

Junior:                   Nehemiah Su'a - 1st in 100m, 1st in Long Jump

                               Hunter Kennedy - 1st in 200m, 2nd in 80 Hurdles

                               Charlie Hook - 1st in 1500m - a strong finish; 1st in 3000m

                               Ryder Crosswell - 1st 80 Hurdles, 1st in Triple Jump

Intermediate:         Dylan Calder - 1st in 100m, 11.9secs

                               Fraser Babb - 1st in 400m

                               Thomas Duncan - 1st in 1500m, 2nd in 800m

                               Jake Maskill - 1st in Triple Jump

                               Javahn Stevenson - 1st in Shot Put

                               Michael Stassen - 1st in Javelin, 2nd in Shot Put

                               Alex Willis - 1st in the Walk

Senior:                   Dirki Botha - 1st in 400m and 800m

                               Samuel Stichbury - 1st in 1500m, 2nd in 800m

                               Nelson Doolan - 1st in 3000m, 3rd in 1500m

                               Caleb Evans - 1st in Triple Jump, 3rd in 200m

                               Rian Lyver - 1st in Discus

                               Mason Waller - 1st in 110 Hurdles

                               William Haywood and Tadhg O'Connor (won on countback) - 1st in High Jump


The school won all three relays by wide margins, displaying good efficient changes and adapting well to the blustery conditions.

Junior - Charlie Ferguson, Ryder Crosswell, Hunter Kennedy, Nehemiah Su'a - (49.44 secs)

Intermediate - Zack Roberts, Braxton Kauri, Forbes Kennedy, Dylan Calder - (45.6 secs)

Senior - Aden Porritt, Caleb Evans, Dirki Botha, Angus Lyver - (44.6secs)

Other impressive performances came from:

Junior:                   Nadith Rathnayake 2nd in 100m

                              Charlie Ferguson 2nd in 400m and Jed Pettit-Court 3rd

                               Ethan Jansson 3rd in 800m

                               Jacob Lean 3rd in 1500m

Intermediate:         Jonathon Hillas 2nd in Shot Put and Isaac Gray 3rd

                               Michael Nagy 2nd in Long Jump and Chase Heta-Mark 3rd

                               Basantha Subba 2nd in Javelin and Chase Heta-Mark 3rd

                               Josh Langridge 3rd in 1500m

                               Reuben Duker 3rd in 3000m

                               Max Faas 3rd in 400m

Senior:                   Aden Porritt 3rd in 400m and 2nd in 300 Hurdles

                               Greg Austin 3rd in 800m

                               Sam Lohrey 2nd in Triple Jump

                               Aki Wickes-Matakaiongo 2nd in Shot Put

                               Thomas Harding 2nd in 3000m

                               Cory Pinfold-Whanga 3rd in 300 Hurdles

                               Remy Early 2nd in 110 Hurdles

Selected to represent Manawatu at the North Island Secondary Schools were:

Nehemiah Su'a, Ryder Crosswell, Dylan Calder, Forbes Kennedy, Braxton Kauri, Michael Stassen, Basantha Subba, Angus Lyver, Caleb Evans, Dirki Botha, Aden Porritt, Nelson Doolan, Thomas Harding, Sam Lohrey