PNBHS Premier A Basketball v Feilding Oroura Jokers Report

Picture of Sally Wenham
PNBHS Premier A Basketball v Feilding Oroura Jokers Report
'mei a Sally Wenham - Thursday, 27 May 2021, 3:24 PM 'aho

Tonight 10 of our boys in blue were up against the Feilding Oroura Jokers in the Men's Premier League.

Feilding put the first points on the board but our boys were quick to reply. It didn't take long to find our rhythm, and by half way through the 1st quarter, we started making some good headway in terms of widening the score gap.
Our boys were quick on their feet and moved the ball down court at a ferocious pace. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 23-9 to PNBHS.

The Jokers brought a more physical game to the 2nd quarter but our boys held their ground. Baskets were difficult to get from both teams but the Jokers were beginning to make some headway - capitalising on some of our small errors. By the end of the second quarter, the gap was beginning to close with 41- 31to PNBHS.

Feilding continued to put pressure on in the third and there was a short time that they came within 6. The fitness levels in our boys is outstanding, enabling them to maintain pressure to create turn-over ball. Any mistakes are quickly forgotten about and the 'next times' quickly replaced them. The 3rd quarter finished up at 56 -46.

The fourth quarter was all about effort and finishing while ensuring we remained composed in a physical game. The Jokers gave the first half of the 4th quarter everything and they were continuing to be a threat. The last few minutes saw us turn things up a notch as we came away with a respectable win 75 - 64.

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