PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI Football v Whanganui City Report

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PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI Football v Whanganui City Report
by Sally Wenham - Sunday, 30 May 2021, 3:27 PM

PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI played Whanganui City FC in windy conditions. While the 1st XI had ample time on the ball and parked themselves in the attacking half for much of the game, they missed their opportunities. Whanganui City took the win, 1-0.

PNBHS began with the ball at their feet and the wind at their backs. Showing intent, the 1st XI opened the game with a solid period of play in the attacking half, missing out on two free-kick opportunities early. Aadesh Ganugapati had his chances from distance, but the keeper kept the scores at nil. Brooklyn Browne did the same at the other end, punching a corner-kick clear and needing to follow up shortly after with another out-stretched save in the 32nd minute. The best shot on goal for PNBHS came from Jaiden Meyer with another screamer from outside the box, tipped over the bar by the Whanganui keeper.

The second half featured more of the same. The 1st XI set up shop in the Whanganui half and held possession for long periods. It was a game where the bounce of the ball and the referee’s whistle were not in our favour; Riley Maclean and Adarsh Dutt both with missed opportunities. Unfortunately, against the run of play and forcing a defensive blunder, Whanganui turned the ball over and scored in the 60th minute. Well-versed in-game management, the Whanganui side parked up in front of their goal and allowed PNBHS to try and find a gap in their defence while the clock ran down. It was not to be, however, with the 1st XI unable to find the opening, the ball in behind or the last touch to level the scores.

The PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI look to Wednesday now, to prepare themselves for the Scot’s College Football Exchange, where the 1st, 2nd and Junior XI’s will compete at PNBHS and the Arena. Team naming, game times and locations to follow.

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