Sport Manawatū and Sport NZ Survey

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Sport Manawatū and Sport NZ Survey
โดย Gerry Atkin - Friday, 30 July 2021, 7:53AM

To: All PNBHS Students

Re: Sport Manawatū and Sport NZ Survey

Sport Manawatū and Sport NZ are keen to hear the voice of young people in our region.

This survey gathers information around what rangatahi (young people aged 12 – 18 years) are doing regarding Physical Activity. This includes what Physical Activity they are participating in inside and outside of school time, for how many minutes at a time, and over how many days a week. It will also look at what the barriers are for them not participating in Physical Activity, and their overall experiences in the Physical Activities that they have chosen.

This link will take you to the survey (ctrl + click or copy and paste into your web browser):

Thank you for your assistance in completing this survey.