Palmerston North New Train Station Design Proposal

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Palmerston North New Train Station Design Proposal
by Gerard Atkin - Thursday, 9 December 2021, 12:55 PM

Ben Irvine has been studying Design and Visual Communication for three consecutive years in the senior school at Boys’ High. He has always shown many attributes as a great designer. Ben is tenacious and selfless. He was a school prefect in 2021 and he made a significant contribution to a wide range of co-curricular activities. Meanwhile he was committed with his study, he has completed all 20 credits for the course, and has gained Achievement with Excellence in all the internal assessments.

This year, Ben proposed a new railway station design for Palmerston North situated in the suburb of Milson. The current station was opened in 1963. It alleviates the bottleneck near the city centre, which was first built in 1876. It is one of the main connection points between Auckland and Wellington for both passages and freight. Currently, the station looks cold, dated and unattractive. It is located next to Coronation Park which is popular for sports events.

Ben is very attentive and meticulous to design details. He designed the station with the vision to redevelop the area. He chose Connection and Nature as two main themes to develop the features for the train station. It includes short-term car parks, bus stops, a landscaped ground level lobby and an upper-level viewing platform which can be used for food stalls, relaxation, social gathering and entertainment. His final design work is on display opposite the Student Support Office.

Ben is a confident and organsied young man with big plans in the future. He gained an apprenticeship position with DWYERtech Services during the year through the school’s Careers Department. He is planning to join the Air Force in 2023. He plans to pursue in the field of Engineering when he leaves the Air Force. He has a great future ahead of him.