Road Race

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Road Race
de Gerry Atkin - Friday, 31 de March de 2023, 13:11

The annual PNBHS Road race will be contested next Monday, April 3 at Ongley Park.  This is a full school event and all young men are expected to compete.  

On Monday students will attend school as normal in full and correct school uniform.  They will also require:

  • equipment for their period 1 and period 2 classes (Day 6 of the school timetable)
  • full and correct club uniform including white socks and running shoes
  • drink bottle and food - there will not be an opportunity to purchase food at Ongley Park
  • school jacket and/or jersey to keep them warm before and after competing

Students will be transported to Ongley Park by bus.  At the conclusion of the Road Race students will be dismissed from Ongley Park and bus transport provided for those who need to return to PNBHS.  Year 12 and 13 students who have a school Vehicle Permit can drive themselves to Ongley Park - passengers are not permitted.  Students driving are to park in the car park adjacent to the United Cricket Clubrooms and the croquet greens.

Race times:

UNDER 14 (as at 1 Jan 2023) 11.40pm - students born in 2009 or later are under 14 years of age

16 & OVER (as at 1 Jan 2023) 12.10pm - students born in 2006 or earlier are 16 & over

UNDER 15 (as at 1 Jan 2023) 12.40pm - students born in 2008 are under 15 years of age

UNDER 16 (as at 1 Jan 2023) 1.10pm - students born in 2007 are under 16 years of age