PNBHS Football Uniform

The following items are expected to be worn during all PNBHS Football games:

  1. PNBHS Football shirt (available for purchase at the PNBHS Uniform shop)
  2. PNBHS Football shorts (available for purchase at the PNBHS Uniform shop)
  3. PNBHS Football socks (available for purchase at the PNBHS Uniform shop)
  4. Football boots, with appropriate sprigs/ spikes. Referees reserve the right to check the length of sprigs/ spikes at any time.
  5. Appropriate shin guards, that are to be covered by PNBHS Football socks. Shin guards cannot be exposed during matches.
  6. A mouthguard is optional, but recommended.
  • Goalkeepers are also expected to wear PNBHS issue goalkeeper jerseys. Additional protective gear is allowed, if approved by the referee before the match.

Failure to live up to these expectations will result in players not being allowed to take the field for PNBHS. Your Coach or Manager will check before each match.

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