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    Hockey at Palmerston North Boys' High School is played in Term Two and Term Three. PNBHS have a range of competitive and social teams that compete across three different Manawatu and Inter-City competitions. Players are placed in teams reflective of their ability. We have a team for students of all abilities. 

    Mr Fogarty is the Master in Charge of Hockey.  Any questions can be directed to him at:


    Trials for 2023 have now all been completed. If you still wish to register you need to contact me directly at

    Game nights

    The secondary school season starts the week of the 15th May. 1st XI, 2nd XI and Colts A play on a Thursday night. All other boys grades are played on a Wednesday night. 


    All players must have correct uniform. Players are all expected to have mouth guard and shin guard protection before they are allowed to play. 

    Any issues please contact Richard Fogarty


    The season draw is live on Play HQ. please use the following link and then enter in the relevant team details

    Alternatively the draw may be assessed through the Hockey Manawatu website

    Team lists 2023

    2023 1st XI


    Campbell, Ethan 13LOB

    Campbell, Matthew 11SW

    Collier, Tom 13LOB

    Davidson, Ollie 11KP

    de Ridder, Hunter 13LT

    Duncan, Thomas 13LT

    Fuldseth, Carter 12MR

    James, Alex 13BA

    Kearney, Rome 12HS

    Lee, Zachary 12MR

    O'Connor, Max 13SQ

    Peauafi, Riley 11KZ

    Rhodes-Robinson, Carter 13LOB

    Roberts, Will 12KN

    Smit, Joshua 13ST

    Theobald, Riley 12HS

    Underwood, Lochie 11PE

    van Rysewyk, Thomas 13HR

    2023 2nd XI


    Algie, Charlie 11HE

    Bassett, Jack 13LT

    Belcher, Ollie 11MX

    Brock, Rylan 11KZ

    Bunn, Oliver 11HE

    Campbell, William 12LD

    Coyle, Jayden 13DI

    Currin, Ben 11VT

    Evans, Philip 13DI

    Fletcher, Daniel 13LI

    Gennills, Matthew 13DI

    Mackintosh, Angus 12MR

    Smith, Oli 11KZ

    Wong, Jakob 11SW

    Wong, Troy 12JO

    Nicholas Zhou 12HS

    2023 3rd XI


    Bassett, Campbell 11KZ

    Daniels, Ruan 11PE

    Hannan, Max 13LT

    Hoskins, Fletcher 11RZ

    Howes, Toby 13JN

    Lochhead, Fletcher 12BZ

    Murdoch, Ben 12TH

    Rate, Mackenzie 12TH

    Rea, Toby 12MR

    Shirley, Benjamin 12MR

    Smit, Toby 12LD

    Smith, Floyd 12JO

    Tariq, Salman 13LT

    Verry, Blair 11PW

    2023 4th XI


    Dhruv Banerjee 11BG

    Eastwood, Hunter 11VE

    Jim Eglinton 11PE

    Massicks, Blake 12MT

    O'Connor, Regan 11VT

    Revell, Thomas 12MR

    Sharratt, Zack 11SW

    Sidhu, Harkaran 12JO

    Speedy, Henry 11KZ

    White, Flynn 11KZ

    Wilson, Caleb 11PE

    2023 Colts A


    Bishop, Jakob 9PG

    Bramwell, Cooper 9MH

    Crocker, George 10GU

    Gardner, Erik 10RL

    Giesen, Archie 9BD

    Lee, Gabe 10PA

    Levy, Josh 9ER

    Martin, Filip 10FN

    Murdoch, Caleb 10DT

    Papenfus, Jacob 10GU

    Shaw, Jarvis 9TT

    Steinmetz, Luca 9RS

    Steinmetz, Micah 10MS

    Thompson, Quinn 9BD

    Topliff, Hunter 10GU

    2023 Colts B


    Abernethy, Jakob 10PA

    Broadley, Luke 9ZH

    Buhr, Declan 9TT

    Duff, Ryan 10BX

    Gordon, Ashton 9NC

    Johnson Bush, Baxter 10MN

    Johnson, Toby 10MA

    Lawton, Ronon 9NC

    Madden, Thomas 9TL

    Mudford, Aaron 9NC

    Phillips, Lucas 10GH

    Smit, Reuben 9ER

    Steer, Silas 10SC

    Viljoen, Benjamin 10SC

    2023 Colts Blue


    Anson, Chase 10GU

    Bunning, Jack 9MG

    Chatterley, Johnny 9PG

    Everton, Will 9ER

    Gloyn, Nathan 9HW

    Goggin, Alistair 9ZH

    Hall, Gabe 9BD

    Isaac, Vatau 9ER

    Patel, Kirtesh 9ER

    Rasheed, Yusha' 10PA

    Smith, Cameron 9ML

    Swindells, Callum 9SH

    Thakor, Jihan 9ER

    Transom, Zach 9PG

    Verschaffelt, Lucas 9LY

    2023 Colts White


    Clarke, Cody 9ER

    Flaus, Caden 10GU

    Gillespie, Lochy 9ER

    Greenlees, Kohl 9ML

    Hanson, Riley 9MH

    Marriott, Ben 9RS

    Murray, Marcus 9PG

    Revell, William 10PA

    Rose, Dylan 10MN

    Somaweera, Yunal 10SC

    Thakor, Jenil 9NC

    Whale, Jack 9MG

    Whinn, Hayden 9NC

    Wolland, Mitchell 9MH

    Yamamoto, Yuma 9HW

    Connor Phillips




    1st XI

    Mr Brougham

    Mr Woodman

    Mr Davidson

    2nd XI

    Mr Eade

    Mr Thompson

    3rd XI

    Mr Siebert

    Mr Leighton

    4th XI

    Mrs O’Connor

    Mr Du Plessis


    Mr Smith

    Ms Taylor

    Colts B

    Mr Kensington

    Mr Fogarty

    Colts Blue

    Mr Truter



    Colts White

    Mr Phillips

    Mr Fogarty



    All teams train on Monday afternoon from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Please contact your coach/manager if you have any queries. 



    ALL students who wish to play hockey in 2023 must register and pay their registration/playing fee before the season begins. The 

    Base hockey fees for all players for 2023 have been set at $240. Any player that wants to play for a PNBHS team must pay the registration/ playing fee before they an be considered for a team. Players that are selected for the 1st XI, 2nd XI or Colts will be invoiced an additional $150. This cost is used to cover the additional costs of turf bookings as well as extra travel throughout the season. Once a player has paid they will automatically be put into a team for the season. 

    The steps required to register are outlined below

    STEP 1

    In order to register, students are required to pay fees via Online Banking using the details below.

                 Bank Account Name: Palmerston North Boys’ High School

                 Bank Name: WestpacTrust

                 Bank Account Number: 03 0726 0476403 00

    Please reference the payment with HOCKEY followed by your Student ID number and Surname.

    If you are at College House or if your account is in credit, please email the school finance office. Their email address is or alternatively by phone (06) 3545176 EXTN 799

    STEP 2

    Complete the player link to register for a team. 

    2023 player registration


    Hockey uniform is purchased separately through the PNBHS Uniform Shop. Students who already own these items will not need to purchase them again. The Hockey shorts are the same as those used in Basketball and Football. Mouth guards are compulsory. Players will not be permitted to take the field without a mouth guard.

    Mouth guard

    • 2023 Hockey Fees and Uniform Fees

      2023 Hockey Fees are as follows: 

       1st XI                          $240 + further 150 for intercity competition

      2nd XI                          $240 + further 150 for intercity competition

      Colts                           $240 + further 150 for intercity competition

      All other teams          $240

      Playing shirt               $60

      Playing shorts            $42

      School hockey socks  $15