Topic outline

  • Hockey

    Registering for PNBHS hockey 2018:

    1. Complete google form (link below) and submit entry.

    2. Print permission slip.

    3. Return signed permission slip to school office.

  • 2018 Hockey draw

    Coming soon

    • 2018 Hockey playing and uniform fees

      The 2017 cost per student is:

       1st XI                           $260

      2nd XI                          $215

      Colts                            $215

      All other teams          $195

      Playing shirt               $60

      Playing shorts            $42

      School hockey socks  $15

      • Practice Times and Location



        email Contact

        Training time

        1st XI

        Mr Blanks

        Mr Davidson

        Tuesday morning 

        Wednesday Afternoon

        Thursday Evening

        2nd XI

        Mr Tomlinson

        Tuesday morning 

        Thursday morning 

        3rd XI

        Mr Woodman 

        Tuesday afterschool(school)

        4th XI

        Tuesday afterschool(school)

        5th XI

        Thursday afterschool(school)

        6th XI

        Ms Close

        Wednesday afterschool(school)

        7th XI

        Mr Gunning

        Wednesday lunchtime(school)

        8th XI

        Mr Brocklebank

        Thursday afterschool(school)


        Mr Kensington

        Mrs Taylor

        Monday afterschool(school)

        Tuesday morning 

        Year 9 Specials

        Mr Leighton

        Monday afterschool(school)