Topic outline

  • Hockey

    Information regarding how to register for PNBHS hockey 2019:

    1. Complete the Microsoft form (link below) if you wish to play Hockey for the school in 2019.

  • 2019 Provisional Colts Team

    The following players have been selected in the provisional 2019 Colts hockey squad.


    1.       Sam BAYLEY (10MS)

    2.       Tom BAYLEY (10LR)

    3.       Jack BILLING (10PK)

    4.       Ethan CAMPBELL (9HG)

    5.       Tom COLLIER (9ES)

    6.       Thomas DUNCAN (9SN)

    7.       Max O’CONNOR (9HG) - Goalie

    8.       Charlie O’HARA (9DS)

    9.       Carter RHODES-ROBINSON (9HG)

    10.   Liam RYAN (10MS)

    11.   Joshua SMIT (9BS)

    12.   Oscar SMITH (9GH)

    13.   Luke Theobald (10PK)

    14.   Carter UNDERWOOD (10DC)

    15.   Samuel WHITEMAN (10MA)

    *       Benjamin ALGIE (9DS) *

    *       Jayden COYLE (9TD)   *

    *       Thomas van RYSEWYK (9DS)  *

    Plus Fletcher Hoskins (didn’t trial)   *


    Players yet to trial will be given the opportunity to trial with the squad later in the term.


    • 2019 Hockey draw

      Coming soon

      • 2019 Hockey playing and uniform fees

        2019 playing costs for Hockey are as follows: 

         1st XI                          $265

        2nd XI                          $215

        Colts                           $215

        All other teams          $195

        Playing shirt               $60

        Playing shorts            $42

        School hockey socks  $15

        • Practice Times and Location



          email Contact

          Training time

          1st XI

          Mr Blanks

          Mr Davidson

          Tuesday morning 

          Wednesday Afternoon

          Thursday Evening

          2nd XI

          Mr Bayley

          Tuesday morning 

          Thursday morning 

          3rd XI

          Mr Woodman 


          4th XI

          Mr Tutty


          Year 10B

          Mr Gunning


          Year 9B

          Mr Brockleback



          Mr Kensington

          Mrs Taylor

          Monday afterschool(school)

          Tuesday morning 

          Year 9 Specials

          Mr Leighton

          Monday afterschool(school)