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  • Crest to Crest Challenge

    Select the link below for the 2022 Crest to Crest Applications:

    ALL Applications must be completed by FRIDAY 1 OCTOBER. 

    Crest to Crest Challenge involves around 20 Year 13 students racing from the Crest of Mt Ruapehu to the Crest at Palmerston North Boys' High School over five days. The students apply to be selected for this event with strict criteria for selection. Many of our students aspire to take part in this event from Year 9. The Crest involves the students working together as a team and places all students out of their comfort zone both physically and mentally.

    Crest to Crest Programme:

    Leg 1 is a climb from the Top of the Bruce to the Dome Shelter on Mt Ruapehu and return to the Top of the Bruce car park.

    Record Time: 2hrs 50mins

    Leg 2
     is a mountain bike from the Chateau Tongariro to Whakhoro on the banks of the Whanganui River.  This is 70 km of seal and gravel road.

    Record Time: 2hrs 22mins

    Leg 3
     is a downriver 30km  Canadian canoe trip from Whakahoro to John Coull Hut

    Record Time: 3hrs 55mins

    Leg 4
     is the completion of the 70km canoe trip down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki. 

    Record Time: 6hrs 54mins

    Leg 5
     is a road bike from Ohakune to Feilding, a distance of 170 km.

    Record Time: 5hrs 50mins

    Leg 6
     is a 24km run from Fielding to the PNBHS Crest with all the Year 9 students standing at the entrance of the school to welcome the team home.

    Record Time: 2hrs 1min

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