• Crest to Crest Challenge

    Applications for the 2024 Crest to Crest team are now open, please have your application form in by Friday 13 October. 

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    Crest to Crest Programme:

    Leg 1 is a run setting off from the Chateau towards Taranaki Falls and the Tama lakes before 

    crossing the saddle and out to the Desert Road via the Waihohonu hut. 

    Time: 2hours 22minutes 

    Record Time: 2hours 19minutes (2012) 

    Leg 2
     is a mountain bike from the Chateau Tongariro to Whakhoro on the banks of the Whanganui River.  This is 70 km of seal and gravel road.

    Time: 2hours 37minutes 

    70 km: Record Time: 2hours 22minutes (2011) 

    Leg 3
     is a downriver 30km  Canadian canoe trip from Whakahoro to John Coull Hut

    Leg 4
     is the completion of the 70km canoe trip down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki. 

    100km(Leg 3&4): Time: 9hours 14minutes 

    Record Time: 9hours 14minutes (2022) 

    Previous Record Time: 9hours 49minutes (2017) 

    Leg 5
     is a road bike from Ohakune to Feilding, a distance of 170 km.

    170km: Time: 6hours 37minutes 

    Record Time: 5hours 34minutes (2016) 

    Leg 6
     is a 24km run from Fielding to the PNBHS Crest with all the Year 9 students standing at the entrance of the school to welcome the team home.

    24km: Time: 1hours 58minutes 

    Record Time: 1hours 58 minutes (2007/2022) 

    Course Record 22hours 48 minutes set in 2022 

    Previous Record Time: 22hours 59minutes (2017)


     2022 Crest to Crest Challenge





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