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  • Theatre Sports


    TIC: Miss Belcher 

    Student Captain 2020: William Hince 

    Every Thursday lunch time in H Block Little Theatre. No signups, just turn up! 


    1. Super 8 Cultural Festival 2020, Term 2. This year we will be taking one Senior team and one Junior team to Gisborne. 

    2. Manawatu Secondary School Competition 2020. This will be held late Term 3. This is for a Senior team only. 

    Theatresports is improvised drama that teaches teamwork, thinking on your feet, and creative thinking. It is a great opportunity to get involved, act and have fun. Theatresports is based on the following principles: acceptance, being positive, and being in the moment, making your partner look good, embracing and removing fear, enjoying failure and storytelling. Regardless of experience, background or training, everybody can benefit from improv.

    Today, improvisation is widely used in theatre as an actor's training tool, a rehearsal technique, and an exploration tool for writers and a performance style. You can find it in many forms on TV in such shows as Whose Line Is It Anyway, Thank God You're Here, World Cup Comedy and The Office.

    Reasons why you should get involved:


    Improvisation is fun! It's about harnessing your creativity in a positive and safe environment.


    All Theatresports games have rules. Apart from being timed games, team members do things such as adhering to the given storyline, speak with the next letter of the alphabet, not ask questions, acquire the personality of another character, translate gibberish, or adopt the frozen position of another.


    For a lot of students, getting up and performing before their peers is a scary experience. Playing Theatresports games in a non-threatening environment filled with fun and hilarity allows students to get up and perform without nerves.


    Partly due to so much activity occurring at any given moment in a Theatresports game, concentration is a key factor. Concentration is, of course, a critical skill needed by all performers.

    Improvisation and Other Acting Skills

    At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious here, all Theatresports games organically improve many facets of student acting - the most important of these being improvisational skills. Other skills include movement, voice, listening, vision, concentration, imagination, teamwork, creativity, intellect etc.

    The 10 Commandments of Theatresports

    1. Thou shalt not block
    2. Thou shalt always retain focus
    3. Thou shalt not shine above thy team-mates
    4. To gag is to commit a sin that will be paid for
    5. Thou shalt always be changed by what is said to you
    6. Thou shalt not waffle
    7. When in doubt, break the routine
    8. To wimp is to show thy true self
    9. She/he what tries to be clever is not; while she/he that is clever doesn't try
    10. When thy faith is low, thy spirit weak, thy good fortune strained, and thy team losing, be comforted and smile, because it just doesn't matter.


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