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    Fakalofa lahi atu, Kia orana, Nisa Bula Vinaka, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei and welcome to our PB Pasifika Stratus page. 

    At PNBHS we offer a a range of activities, academic support  and mentoring for all of our Pasifika students.  These activities include social, cultural and sporting activities in which our students can participate. In particular, our PB Pasifika Club practices singing and performance for choir and cultural performances. As a result, our group participates in a variety of school and community events such as the local Big Sing Regionals and Pasifika Fusion Festival.

    The Pasifika Fusion festival encourages our students to submit work in other categories, such as Science Projects, Essay Writing, Speeches, Visual Arts and Drama Skits. All submissions relate to a theme of the festival for that year.  In recent years it has been very pleasing to note the increase in entries made in the academic categories.

    For academic support in school, we offer students a Homework Centre where they are able to access computers and the internet after school for research and completing assignments and homework. During the year, we hold a study skills workshop on offer to help students organise and prioritise their assessments. These are initiatives put in place to support our students with academic achievement.

    We also offer our younger Pasifika students a mentoring program.  This helps our boys set goals in terms of what they want to achieve while they are at PNBHS and beyond. In the senior school we encourage our young men to enrol in the Barrowclough Award program.  The Barrowclough Award assists young men to develop their leadership skills and helps to ensure they are better placed for selection as team and group captains, as mentors for junior students, and for consideration for the role of school Prefect.

    Check out the talent of our Pasifika Club here at our school this year. Some positive results achieved, and came 3rd Overall. This was the first time our club has had a placing in the Top 3 for this festival. 



    Year 13
    Telson is our Head Prefect.  He is involved in the Rugby 1st XV and is a keen Pasifika student council member. 

    Favourite Motivational Quote: 
    To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible.  The lord is my light, whom shall I be afraid.


    SILI TOA - Tongan

    Year 13
    Sili is involved in the Rugby 2nd XV and is a keen Pasifika student council member. 

    Favourite Motivational Quote: 

    Kapau te tau keinanga ʻi he ngaahi folofola ʻa Kalaisí, te tau lava ʻo ʻilo ʻa e ngaahi meʻa kotoa pē ʻoku totonu ke tau faí. - If we feast upon the words of Christ, we can know all things that we should do.


    Vealata Tonga'ito - Tongan/Samoan

    Year 13
    Vealata is a member of the OK Chorale and the New Zealand Secondary School Choir and is a keen Pasifika student council member. 

    Favourite Motivational Quote: 

    It takes a village to raise a child. (African Proverb)



      Pasifika Fusion Festival 2021

      A total of 54 boys in our Pasifika Club participated. Pasifika fusion results:

      Cultural Performance: 3rd equal

      Debate: 3rd place - Tui Kaisami, Telson Luivaie, LeMonz Livingstone

      Essay Writing Junior: 2nd place - Hugo Luivaie, 3rd place - Tevita Fakahau

      Poetry Writing: 1st place - Tevita Fakahau

      Nuie Speech: 1st place - Telson Luivaie

      Visual Art: 2nd place - Lance Whippy, 3rd place - Telson Luivaie

      Pasifika Fusion Festival 2020

      Unfortunately this was cancelled due to COVID.

      Pasifika Fusion Festival 2019

      A total of 52 boys in our Pasifika Club participated. Pasifika Fusion results:

      Cinematography: 2nd place - Soane Fakahau

      Debate: 3rd place - Nathan Emeck, Lisale Talamaivao, Vealata Tongati'o

      Junior Essay: 1st place - Telson Luivae

      Senior Essay: 1st place - Elijah Rahui

      Niuean Speech: 1st place - Teslon Luivaie

      Tongan Speech:1st place - Tevita Fakahau

      Junior English Speech: 1st place - Telson Luivae

      Wearable Arts: 2nd place - Soane Fakahau

      Cultural Performance: 2nd place

      Overall: 3rd place

      Pasikfika Fusion Festival 2016

      On Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of July, 2016, our schools Pasifika Club participated in this year festival. Our students enjoyed all the events that happened throughout the 2-day festival and achieved many successes at the end. Overall results from the festival are as follows:  

      QUIZ: 1st Place - PNBHS Team: Jonathan Nosa, Michael Ioane, Miracle Malu, Kokoro Frost, Junior Sewabu. 
      SCIENCE: 1st Place: Leejean Engu, Joseph Mafi. 
      SPEECHES: 1st Place Samoan Speech: Pajoe Mapuilesua; 1st Place English: Lisale Talamaivao. 
      TALENT: 1st Place in Contemporary Dance: Hip-Hop Dance Crew ‘The Unknown’ - Tamahae Baker, Sila Sinamoni, Tupou Veiogo, Isaac Fonua, Jone Radike, Kiata O’Sullivan. 
      VISUAL ARTS: 1st Place: Melo Tuimana, 3rd Place: Isaac Fonua. 
      OVERALL PLACING: 4th.  

      A big thanks to all our staff, parents and supporters for helping us achieve well at this years festival. 

      Pasifika Fusion Festival - 22nd and 23rd of July, 2015

      2015 Pasifika Fusion Dance Group.

      2015- Pasifika Fusion, PNBHS Cultural Dance Group.


      This year at fusion the boys put on a fantastic show for all. They performed to their best in all categories; especially in the Arts and Poetry Sections. Some results from the Pasifika Fusion Festival were Melo Tu'imana came 1st in Poetry Writing; Jaden Antonio was 1st place in Art; and Sila Sinamoni came 3rd in Art with a consolation prize for the most entries made.  Below are some photos from the festival. Sila Sinimoni's Art EntriesThe boys preparing to do their drama skit.Cultural Group Performing.

      • PASIFIKA CLUB 2017

        Warm Pasifika Greetings to all our Pasifika Families and communities

        As Term 3 continues to be busy and rolling through, our Pasifika cohort continues to work hard and aim high to achieve well in both academic and co-curricular involvements. 

        For our Seniors, it is a busy time for them to prepare for the upcoming practice examinations in the end of Week 8. These begin on Friday 15th September and continue on the following week, ending on Friday 22nd September.  To assist your son in preparation for these examinations, take time to discuss with him times and days of his examinations. As it is a stressful time for him, continue to be there to support and ensure he eats well!

        Our juniors have also continued to settle into the PNBHS Way. For some, it may have been a struggle at first but have overall been resilient and now know that hard work reaps the positive rewards. 

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