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  • International Department

    Welcome to the PNBHS International Department. 

    Palmerston North Boys' High School welcomes International Students to our school. We are a decile 8 state school for boys aged 13 to 18 years, with over 1,700 students, including 180 boarders and 40 fee-paying International students.

    The school was established in 1902 and is the oldest State Secondary School serving the Manawatu.  It is a traditional school which caters for the all-round educational needs of young men. 

    Each student is supported by over 100 highly qualified and committed staff in all subject areas who also commit to developing the character and confidence of the young men in areas additional to traditional curriculum subjects. 

    The young men at our school are constantly challenged, consistently asked to pursue excellence and are encouraged to participate in a wide range of school activities. 

    Palmerston North Boys' High School offers international students a comprehensive and encompassing education. We have proficient advisory and support staff dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment to learn, and to ease the cultural transition and educational experience. 


    It is the Director of International, the International Dean and the Accommodation Manager who help with student life, provide support and guidance, and communicate with parents and agents.

    The Director - International is responsible for ensuring the academic success of all international students at Palmerston North Boys' High School, as well as managing the welfare of international students, including the monitoring and reporting of student progress, and liaising with other school staff.

    The Dean - International is responsible for the guidance, welfare, discipline and academic performance on the international students. 

    The role of the Accommodation Manager is to ensure students are placed in homestays which meet are welcoming and supportive, meet the Code of Practice regulations and visit them on a regular basis to ensure our students are being well looked after. 

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