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  • Taekwon-Do

    Who are we?

    The Palmerston North Boys' High School Taekwon-Do Club was established in 1981.  It is affiliated to Tiger Taekwon-Do, which is one of a network of nation-wide schools in New Zealand.

    Mr Michael Lowe is the club instructor.  Mr Lowe is a fifth degree black belt and a staff member of PNBHS since 1981.

    What do we do?

    Taekwon-Do training involves learning to use bare hands and feet for self defence viz.: punching, striking, blocking, thrusting, kicking, grappling and throwing.

    Where do we train?

    PNBHS Old Gym, Featherston Street


    Tuesdays, 3:30 - 5:00pm


    Registration Fee: New beginner $67.00, invoiced by the school

    Uniform: $113.00 from the school’s uniform store

    Grading Fee: $50.00 provided that qualifying standards have been met

    Group photograph: $13.00

    Supplementary training 

    Training opportunities exist for students who wish to advance their learning at a faster pace.  Sessions are optional and conducted by both Mr Lowe and other instructors at other clubs around the city.  Please see Mr Lowe for more information for days and times.

    Why learn Taekwon-Do?

    People learn Taekwon-Do for many reasons such as:

    • self defence
    • fun
    • recreation
    • self improvement

    Taekwon-Do has the obvious benefit of giving students the ability to defend themselves should the need ever arise.

    Constant training and practise of the movements can lead to various health benefits such as:

    • weight loss
    • improved cardiovascular fitness
    • increased muscle tone
    • increased muscle flexibility

    With time these changes can lead to a greater sense of self-esteem and self confidence.

    Opportunities are available for those who are competitive to test their skills in the competition arena.  Regional, national and series tournaments are held regularly.

    Students are encouraged to grade regularly.  Preparation for a grading gives students a sense of purpose in their training. When students pass a grading, they are rewarded and recognised by being  allowed to change their belt colour.  Gradings are held three times per year. 

    The Tenets of Taekwon-Do




    Self Control

    Indomitable Spirit

    More information?

    Contact Mr Lowe:

    Telephone: 06 358 5176 ext. 745