Topic outline

  • Digital Art

    Year 10 Digital Art – 10VAD

    Course Content: This is a HALF YEAR option subject that offers students an introduction to Digital Art. Students will be exposed to a variety of design projects from photography, animation, typography, design professions and career paths. In this digital world if you are looking for a profession where you can apply your talents, then look no further than a career in digital media. From logos, commercial design, website design and advertisements, to animation, gaming design and illustration, design appears in many forms. This course will open your eyes and start you on a digital path of learning. Year 10 Digital Art prepares students wishing to take Design and Photography in the senior school.

    Course requirements: It is recommended that students have access to their own laptop, however there are departmental computers available to use. Adobe Creative Suite software will be included as part of the course costs take-home component for the year.

    Level One Digital Art – 11VAD

    Course Content: Digital Art at Level 1 encourages students to generate and extend their design ideas through photography, and design processes. Students will produce work that is personalised to their interests and enables their own creativity to develop. Throughout the year, students will be introduced to a variety of contemporary and historical design models and will be pushed to extend their own ideas in a direction that is new and exciting. In completing this course, students will be more informed about the specific direction they wish their photo/design work to take at NCEA Level 2.

    Assessment: Level 1 Digital Art is a 12 credit course offering one external Achievement Standard.

    • Produce a body of work informed by established practice, which develops ideas, using a range of media (externally assessed - 12 credits)

    Course Requirements: Students will require access to their own laptop. Adobe Creative Suite software will be included as part of the course costs take home component for the year.

    Entry Requirements: Entry into Level 1 Digital Art will be aided by the completion of Year 10 Digital Art.