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Y12 stream study
by Des Waters - Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 8:38 PM

Y12 stream study

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Metagenomics Day at massey
by Des Waters - Thursday, 5 July 2018, 8:20 PM

I would like to invite you and your students to the Metagenomics Day at Massey University on the 29th of Sept 2018. 
This is a special, hands-on day for high school students (years 12 and 13) at Massey University in Palmerston North on Saturday the 29th of September 2018 (10.30am-4pm). The goal is to give students hands-on experience with the molecular biology techniques that underpin DNA sequencing of environmental samples. Over the course of the day students will extract DNA from soil, perform a PCR, run the PCR on an agarose gel, visualize the DNA they extracted and amplified, and do some computational work on previous years’ data to identify bacteria present in environmental samples from soil. They will also get the opportunity to talk with Post-graduate students and scientists who undertake genetic and molecular biology-based research at Massey University.
It is free to attend and the students can register at  We are hoping by starting the day later at the Palmerston North campus, it will enable those from further afield to attend the day.   We also do not mind if the students attend without a teacher present, but everyone is welcome. There is a limit for the day of 45 students, so it is aimed at those students who are thinking of and able to undertake a science-based university degree.

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NZ international BIOLOGY Olympiad
by Des Waters - Thursday, 21 June 2018, 12:13 PM

Kia ora 

In 2019, the NZ team will go to Hungary for the International Biology Olympiad.

The first part of the learning process is the entrance exam on Wednesday August 22.

Registration is now open at
We are hoping that the new registration form will be easier for students to use. There are drop down menus for many answers including teacher name.

The entrance fee is $31.20 for students from schools that have participated previously and $15.60 for students from schools that have never been in the programme. 
This year, all payments need to be made by credit card hence the slight increase in fee. 

Students who were accepted into the 2018 tutorial programme have automatic entry but do need to register and pay the initial fee. This will be credited towards the cost of the tutorial programme.

Registration closes on August 3rd.

If you have any questions please email. 

Thanks as always for your support of NZIBO.

Ngā mihi

Dr Heather Meikle
Secretary NZIBO

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AME Revision books
by Des Waters - Thursday, 27 July 2017, 12:00 PM

Finance office will order the AME revision book for all Biology levels, they are very very good.

Students must go to the finance office to pay before she orders them.

L1 - $17, normally $25
L2 - $17, normally $25
L3 - $18, normally $27
Scholarship - $21, normally $32

The DUE DATE is FRIDAY 11 AUGUST - Ms Hoppe will order them on this day

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by Des Waters - Monday, 19 June 2017, 9:26 AM

NZ International Biology Olympiad registration is now open
Online Registration for the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad 2018 is now open!
All keen students are encouraged to take part. The entrance exam in on Wednesday  23rd  August.
Currently, the 2017 NZIBO team are gearing up for the 28th IBO at Warwick University, Coventry, UK  in July. 

Deadline for registration is 5th August 2017.

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Great WEBsite
by Des Waters - Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 2:15 PM

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Great revision website
by Des Waters - Thursday, 4 August 2016, 2:20 PM

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by Des Waters - Saturday, 2 July 2016, 9:17 PM

NZIBO registration now open!

Registration is now open at for the 2017 competition. Students register online. The entrance exam is on Wednesday 24th August.

If your school has not participated previously, then the cost is $15 per student. A full list of schools that have participated is on our registration page.

Thanks so much for encouraging your students to take part. The NZIBO team leaves for Vietnam in less than two weeks time.

If you have any questions, please email.

Kind regards

Heather Meikle

Dr H Meikle
06-357-9194 extn 878

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by Des Waters - Friday, 15 April 2016, 12:06 PM

You need to UPLOAD your internals for BIOLOGY today!!!!!

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Are you ready for university
by Des Waters - Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 5:38 PM

Click on the link Maths Quiz (see expected prior learning) and it will open up to all the quizzes