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  • Learning Support Department

    Learning Support is a department that is cross-curricular. The Learning Support Department is designed to meet the needs of students at both ends of the school. It has in place programmes in the four core subjects to support the learning of students who for a variety of reasons do not achieve to their potential when they begin their schooling at PNBHS, as well as ensuring provision is made by providing extension for Gifted and Talented students in both curricular and extra-curricular fields.

    The Learning Support classes are made up of students in Year 9 who are identified as needing most support. Their continung place in the programme is dependent on good behaviour in class and a commitment to completing their homework. Effort is a key requirement.

    Students who are not included in the Learning Support programme, but who still have literacy deficiencies are provided with an  Extra English option at Year's 9 and 10 and Small Groups  that work on specific weaknesses, for example spelling .  

    ELT (English Language Tuition)

    Extra Help

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