ARRANGEMENTS FOR Junior Examinations

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ARRANGEMENTS FOR Junior Examinations
by Gerard Atkin - Friday, 3 November 2017, 8:46 AM

MONDAY 6th (Day 1) – FRIDAY 10th (Day 5) November 

Attendance/Study Leave Details:

Monday 6th – Friday 10th November:

All Year 9 and Year 10 students have study leave.

Note: 10DC and 10MS have examination leave from Monday 6th until Friday 24th November.

            10DC have no Year 10 core examinations. 10MS have English only on Tuesday 7th November.  


          All junior examinations are of two hours’ duration.                       

Assembly:                         9.00 am (Juniors who are at school – New Gym)

           Morning Examinations    9.20 – 11.20 am (warning bell 9.10am)

Interval:                            11.20 - 11.40 am

          Period 3:                           11.40 - 12.25 pm (Year 9 – Old Gym. Year 10 - Hall)

          Lunch:                              12.25 - 1.05 pm

          Afternoon Examinations 1.15 – 3.15 pm (warning bell 1.05pm)           

Note:  Students in 9RS, 9GA, 10NX; 10LI have 20 minutes of extra time for their core subject examinations.  Their afternoon examinations begin at 12.55pm. (No bells for these classes).

Please Note:

·       The examination timetable is on Stratus and all students have a copy (reverse side of this sheet).

·        Examinations are of TWO HOURS duration.

·        Please check your examination times and rooms. Please note that you are in the same room for your four core subject examinations.

·        Correct school uniform must be worn to and from examinations as per a normal school day.

·        Students are expected to be in the examination room at least 5 minutes before the examination begins.

·        Students wishing to study at school will need to report to the main quad. 

·        Students need to check they have the correct stationery requirements.

·        Students who have lost study leave must report to the library as directed.  A roll will be taken.

·        All junior students with a morning examination must attend assembly each morning.

·        During their study leave (Monday to Friday) any junior student with morning and afternoon examinations must remain at school and report to the hall for supervised study at 11.40am. This includes bus students and day pupils who are at school to study.

·        Students who finish exceptionally early will be instructed to make a better effort or expect to re-sit their examination in their own time. School procedures for poor performance may be followed in such cases.


·        Rolls will be checked at the commencement of each examination. If a student is unable to attend their examination, then the school needs to be advised. An alternative time during the examination period to sit the missed examination will be scheduled. If this is not possible then all remaining catch-up examinations are on Friday 10th November. Students must report to the library 9.00am on Friday morning.

Core Examination Timetable Information

Note that all core examinations are in the afternoon 1.15pm to 3.15pm.



Monday 6th

Tuesday 7th

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 9th

Friday 10th

Year 9









Monday 6th

Tuesday 7th

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 9th

Friday 10th

Year 10



(Including 10MS)





Venues for the core examinations:

All students have their four core examinations in the same room.

- Old Gym: 9GI; 9HO; 9MQ; 9OG; 9PA; 9TV

- Hall:           10BS  ROW  A

                    10PG  ROW  B

                    10PW ROW  C

                    10JO  ROW  D

                    10MA ROW  E

                    10LO  ROW  F

                    10JH  ROW  G

                    10TR  ROW  H

                    10CE  ROW  I

                    10HG ROW  J

                    10MI   ROW  K

                    10LB  ROW  L

                    9MT   STAGE

                    9VN    Back of Hall

- D Block    9BX (D2); 9BD (D3);

- B Block:   9GA (B2); 9RS (B4); 9HW (B9); 10MS (B10)     

- H BLOCK: 10NX (H1); 9GU (H2); 10LI (H3)