PNBHS Hoodies

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PNBHS Hoodies
by Gerard Atkin - Thursday, 14 March 2019, 4:22 PM

Small Size PNBHS Hoodies are now available from the Uniform Shop.

The PNBHS hoodies are ideal for wearing to sport on a cold evening or frosty morning, or for parents and others in the PNBHS community to show their support of our young men from the sidelines. A range of smaller sizes are now being stocked.

The PNBHS hoodie can be purchased for $60.00 from the Uniform Shop, Featherston Street (back of the Old Gym, by the hall gate).

Please note: The PNBHS hoodie is NOT part of the school uniform and CANNOT be worn to or from school, at school, or at any other time that school uniform is worn.