Smashed Project

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Smashed Project
by Gerard Atkin - Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 10:36 AM

Last Thursday young men in Year 9 took part in a ‘theatre-in-education’ programme about breaking the culture of underage drinking.  It involved a live theatre performance by three young people telling a story of how underage drinking affects their lives.

The performance communicated important information and facts about alcohol and showed the potential impact of underage drinking on relationships, school, behaviour and violence – accident and injury.

 It was not about telling the students ‘not to drink underage’ but was a clever way of using a story to help young people to explore and make informed choices for themselves.

After the live theatre, the students were involved in an interactive workshop with the actors and given a chance to discuss facts and strategies for promoting responsible decisions towards alcohol.

We are hopeful that the ‘Smashed Project’ will continue to operate in the future and return to PNBHS in the following years.