Clay Target Shooting report from Nationals

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Clay Target Shooting report from Nationals
by Gerard Atkin - Monday, 14 October 2019, 3:58 PM

Clay Target Shooting report from Nationals

A number of our shooters travelled to Hamilton at the start of the holidays for three days of shooting. This included the North Island DTL champs on Saturday, the National DTL champs on Sunday then the North Island and National Skeet champs on Monday. There were well over 300 shooters almost 70 teams from approximately 40 schools represented.

The North Island DTL champs:

Almost all of the A and B team shooters shot to or above their potential throughout the day. Unfortunately for the A team one shooter had a poor round in each of the three events meaning that collectively we were a wee bit off he pace. This North Island championship also doubled as the Super 8 event for clay target shooting and we finished third – nine points ( of 500 ) behind Hamilton Boys and four behind Tauranga.

A number of boys shot their way into shoot off’s with Glenn Stringer placing first boys ( behind the ‘high over all’ of both sexes ) for the Points Score event and narrowly missing out on the overall win for the day.

National Champs:

Sunday started well with most boys shooting the possible 25 targets, or very close to it, in the Single Rise event. The all-important Points Score saw the wheels figuratively fall off, with many shooters dropping a target or two more than thy usually would.

Again, we had a couple of boys make shoot offs, but nothing came of it.

Three of our young men made the five person Wellington region rep team. These are selected by Fish and Game region, hence we are part of the wider Wellington Area. The three were Glenn Stringer, Jack Gibbs and Jordon King. Keegan Swarbrick narrowly missed selection in a shoot off for the last spot.

North Island and New Zealand Skeet:

Monday saw some boys stay on for the two Skeet championships. These were shot in AWFUL conditions with wild, gusty wind and sheeting rain. Targets were quite random in their flight path. Riley Hudson had a great day, finishing just outside the placings for the North Island Champs and finishing second equal in the national even. Unfortunately for Riley a number of shooters were on the same score and he missed out on an official placing after a shoot off.

In summary, when compared with how we had tracked in the local lower North Island circuit, our boys shot to or slightly above their potential. Mr Higgie is greatly encouraged with the crop of younger shooters coming through. There seems to be a great deal of ability, potential and ambition – the ingredients needed to be a truly competitive unit. Bring on 2020.