Junior Barrowclough Presentation

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Junior Barrowclough Presentation
by Ella Mitchell - Tuesday, 3 December 2019, 3:32 PM

Junior Barrowclough Certificate Presentation 

Barrowclough Programme certificates were presented at assembly this morning to young men who had successfully met the criteria. Below are the notes from the presentation by Mr. Lobb, the Leadership Director.

“This week is a week of acknowledgement and celebration. It is with a great deal of pleasure that I stand in front of you all and talk about the Barrowclough Programme - in particular today’s junior Barrowclough certificate presentations.

To best understand the purpose of the Barrowclough Programme I believe that it is important to spend time explaining the programme and the best way to do this is to revisit the founding story of the Barrowclough Programme.

The Barrowclough Programme was launched in 2009 and was named in memory of a prestigious old boy, Sir Harold Barrowclough, who was a prominent sportsman, academic and leader at school from 1907 to 1912.

Since its inception the Barrowclough Programme has assisted Palmerston North Boys’ High School in achieving the schools’ vision to develop educated men of outstanding character. Not only does the programme provide a pathway for students to embrace our school’s values of courage, humility, industry, integrity, pride, and respect it also provides a framework to help students strive for and secure excellence.

For a young man in the junior school to successfully complete the Barrowclough Programme he must display a positive attitude towards his academic studies, participate fully in school and extracurricular activities, have undertaken a programme based around the development of character and leadership, and have been involved in activities providing service to both the school and the wider community.

Those boys presented with certificates are being recognised for:
1. gaining a B grade average (or higher) for Attitude grades in this year’s final academic report.
2. maintaining excellent levels of attendance.
3. participating in those extra-curricular activities offered by the school
4. providing service back to the school.
5. volunteering to assist in various community events.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the following Year 10 students for their involvement in numerous community events throughout 2019:
1. Finn Caske 10PW
2. Issac Grant 10MA
3. Ben Herron 10DC
4. Locky Hooper 10CE
5. Thomas Orr 10HI
6. Jayden Parker 10TR
7. Sili Toa 10GU
8. Jacob Waugh 10DC

We would like to encourage ALL Year 9 students to participate in next year’s Barrowclough Programme and once again congratulate all those Year 10 students who are about to receive a Barrowclough certificate.

For those Year 10 students who are not receiving a certificate this year, this does not mean you have not contributed to the culture of our school in a positive and meaningful way. Always remember that the beginning of a new year heralds a new start and that your involvement in ALL aspects of school life will bespeak a commitment to Palmerston North Boys’ High School and our core values. Make the following a personal goal for 2020 - ‘Get involved and stay involved … for yourself … for others … and for our school’.”