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by Gerard Atkin - Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 12:42 PM

Presentations about bullying, delivered by education consultant Mr. Robert Pereira, began today for all Year 9 form classes. Mr. Pereira’s presentations examine why students bully and provide young men with strategies to help address such behavior.

Bullying is unacceptable, particularly in a school environment. The provision of these presentations is part of our effort to be proactive in addressing such behavior.

We encourage you to discuss the content of these presentations with your son. Presentations will be delivered to 9GU, 9GH, 9SH, 9VE and 9BS on Tuesday, March 10; to 9HW, 9RS, 9MG, 9WS, 9DS and 9TD on Wednesday, March 11; and to 9ML, 9BD and 9BX on Thursday, March 12.
Should you have any concerns relating to bullying behavior please contact the Year 9 Deans Mr. Jason Moore or Mr. Jason Cudby (3545176 ext.719). The school Guidance Counsellors, Mr. Dawson (3545176 ext.764) and Mr. Greer (3545176 ext.717), are also available should you have concerns or questions.

Mr. Pereira is also offering a parent seminar focused on the issue of Internet Pornography, a growing concern globally and amongst our school community. This will be at 7.00pm on Wednesday, March 11 in the College House Function room and will cost $5.00 per person (please note that the cost of this presentation has been subsidised by the Palmerston North Boys’ High School Parent Teacher Association). Further information about this presentation has been communicated separately.