Picture of Ella Mitchell
by Ella Mitchell - Monday, 16 March 2020, 1:01 PM

A piece of school history was recently made where for the second time, we have both a father and a son named on the school's Cricket Honours Board for scoring centuries.

Jason Meyer scored a century in early March 1990. Almost 30 years to the day, his son Jaiden Meyer scored a century against Kapiti College on the 21 February 2020.

There have only been a few examples of this kind of honours board relationships.

Firstly, Ian Smith (1974) for scoring 3 centuries and his son Jarrod Smith (2001) for scoring 2 centuries.

Gary Cunningham (1974) for scoring 3 centuries and his son Jarrod Cunningham (2002) took 7/21.

Neville Brooke (1940s) for scoring a century and his sons Michael (1970s) and Nigel (1970s) taking 6 wickets in a game.

Pictured: the 1990 First XI Cricket team, Jason and Jaiden Meyer at the Cricket Honours Board and Jaiden scoring his century in the game against Kapiti College.