Shand Shield Winter Tournament

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Shand Shield Winter Tournament
by Gerard Atkin - Monday, 21 September 2020, 4:13 PM

Shand Shield Winter Tournament - Tuesday, 22 September

All students are required at school by 9.00am for Form Time followed by Club Meetings. At the conclusion of Club Meetings competitors will be released to make their way to venues at school or to board buses for transport to off-site venues. Non-competitors will be directed to classrooms where they will be supervised for the day. This will be an opportunity for students to complete schoolwork and begin on examination revision.

Rugby, chess and quiz will all take place at school, football at Colquhoun Park (please note change of venue), hockey at the Fitzherbert Turf, basketball at the B & M Centre, volleyball in the Ballroom Pascal Street Stadium, shooting at the smallbore range and golf at the Palmerston North Golf Club.

Competitors will not be able to leave the venues during the day. Students will be bused back to school for dismissal at the conclusion of the events, other than those involved in basketball and volleyball. These students will be dismissed directly from their venue in Pascal Street, with the exception of students who travel to school via school buses, who will be returned to school by bus.

Students competing in events at school will have access to the Canteen to buy their lunch. Competitors at other venues will be required to take their lunch with them.

Competitors in football, hockey, volleyball and basketball are expected to compete in correct club uniform. Rugby players will need to bring their PNBHS rugby uniform. Golf players need to wear appropriate golfing attire. Those involved in chess, quiz and shooting are required to wear their normal school uniform. Appropriate rubber soled shoes are required for hockey, volleyball and basketball, shin guards for hockey and football and mouthguards for rugby, hockey, volleyball and basketball.