Prefects 2021

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Prefects 2021
by Ella Mitchell - Friday, 5 February 2021, 3:22 PM

Congratulations to the young men who were announced in the first group of prefects at assembly this morning and presented with their badges. A thorough selection process is undertaken with student nominations, staff votes, senior student votes and a selection panel including the Head and Deputy Head Prefect. After this considerable input we named Year 13 students who have shown considerable leadership potential, have initiative, relate positively to other students and are loyal to the school, have been involved as a group in a wide range of areas and who in our opinion can further develop these qualities and display the school values. 

These young men are Max Barber,  Henry Bayliss,  Cody Borlase,  Lachie Bradford,  Josh Campbell , Sebastien Cave,  Ben Cen,  Sam Coles,  Jack Crafts,  Tamati Durie-McGrath,  Mehnoor Ghumann,  Jayden Glentworth,  Jack Gordon,  Curtis Heaphy,  William Hince,  John Hopcroft,  Joe Inman,  Ben Irvine,  Callum Kennett,  Lawrence Leung-Wai,  Angus Lyver, Tusi Mafi,  Sam McFadzean,  Ben Mori,  Thomas Mortiboy,  Blake Rhodes-Robinson,  Oliver Sexton,  Varanjit Singh,  Eugene Stassen,  Corey Stewart,  Blake Storrier,  Levi Timms,  Dan van der Spuy,  Thomas van Stipriaan,  Tom Varne,  Michael Watkins,  Aki Wickes-Matakaiongo and Karlis Zvagulis. 

We look forward to your leadership this year!

To Year 13 students, this is our first set of Prefects.  There could be a further selection process in the coming weeks and there are opportunities for you to confirm your desire in joining this team and contributing as a 2021 Prefect.