Prem B Water Polo

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Prem B Water Polo
by Ella Mitchell - Friday, 26 March 2021, 10:56 AM

Good luck to the PNBHS Premier B Water Polo Team competing at the Division 2 North Island Secondary School Championships this week at Baywave Acquatic Centre, Tauranga


Monday 22 March:

Game 1 v Green Bay Mixed, 3pm:  Win 8-4

Tuesday 23 March:

Game 2 v John Paul College, 10am: Loss 12-4

Game 3 v Long Bay College Boys, 4:45pm: Win 24-0

Wednesday 24 March:

Game 4 v Hamilton BHS - 7-7 - Win on penalties 

Game 5 v John Paul College (Semi Final) - Loss 13-3

Thursday 25 March:

Game 6 v Westlake BHS (3rd/4th) - 6-6 - Loss on penalty shootout 

Match Report - Game 1 v Green Bay Mixed:

The PNBHS Premier B Team met Green Bay on the first day and first round at the NISS Waterpolo Championships, at Baywave pool in Tauranga.

Before the game, coach, PNBHS Old Boy Campbell McHugh, spoke to the team about getting the basics right, communicating well and movement to create opportunities.

The game began with a lot of movement up and down the pool but with neither team able to find the back of the net. It wasn’t until 1 minute into the quarter that our boys won a 5m penalty while on extra man, giving Jayden Nicholson the opportunity to fire the first goal into the back of the net. The remainder of the quarter remained scoreless despite our formidable defence running down the shock clock on several occasions, forcing turnover ball that we were unable to capitalise from.

Coach McHugh wanted more communication and positioning from the boys to create more shooting opportunities. Fresh legs replaced tired ones, but it was 2 minutes into the second quarter before our last-minute replacement for injured Izaak Pomana, Jason Tsang, scored a cracker to put the score at 2 – 0. It took until 45 seconds left in the second quarter for us to find the back of the net once more, with Quinlan Huff making sure his well time shot counted. 30 seconds later, Ethan Limmer ensured we finished the first half up 3 – 0.

In the third quarter we went from a team communicating well on defence to one that played in silence. Green Bay were creating more shooting opportunities by catching us out with gaps in our defence. Desperate cover by our boys along with great reactions from goalie, Blake Storrier, denied their attempts early in the quarter. Jayden Nicholson received a well-timed pass, making the most of the opportunity to take us out to a 5 – 0 lead, 2 minutes into the third quarter. Within one and a half minutes, Green Bay capitalised, closing the gap to 5-2. In the final minute of the 3rd quarter, Connor McKay scored his first goal of the tournament, bringing the score to 6 -2.

Communication and movement were the two focus points for the final quarter. Fatigue was creeping in and the last quarter played out in a similar fashion to the third. Green Bay managed to score a further 2 goals while Jayden Nicholson scored the final 2 goals for PNBHS.

The team were happy with the 8-4 win on the first day, but more importantly, identified exactly what was needed to take the win for our two games on Tuesday against John Paul College at 10am, then Long Bay College at 4.45pm 


Match Report - Game 2 v John Paul College:

Game 2 at NISS at 10am against John Paul College was always going to be a challenge. JPC are a very mobile team who play a solid defensive game with a couple of players who are difficult to shut down.

We started out the game with the level of assertion we were after. Ian Tsui sprinted off to win the swim off giving us a great start. The first quarter was an even battle, with our defence cracking in the last 45 seconds of the first quarter, letting one goal in.

Keep our heads up and keep talking to each other was the call going into the second quarter. Our boys went into the quarter strong, but conceded 2 goals in the first 75 seconds. Bodies were beginning to fatigue despite an injection of fresh legs. With 3 minutes gone, JPC lobbed a beautiful goal that we could do nothing about. It was with 1 minute to go, we finally managed to set up Ian Tsui for a solid goal to put us on the board at the end of the half.

Our boys were hurting. Fatigue had taken hold. Their minds were still in it, but the gap was beginning to widen and we knew we had work to do. JPC were still looking pretty fresh and only 1 player in foul trouble. The 3rd quarter was an ugly pill to swallow. Their defence was shutting Jack Aitken-Cade down in front of the goal and are passes were not making their targets. The score sheet and scoreboard were not in tune but JPC added another 5 goals to their total with Tsui being set up for a second goal with 20 secs to go.

The final quarter target was to try and keep the gap from growing further, show some resilience and make our passes count. Tsui scored his third for the game early on in the piece, but JPC were quick to reply. Our boys were visibly exhausted, so covering on defence and shutting down their top goal scorer was becoming an impossible task at this stage of the game. Jason Tsang finished the game with our final goal, but way too little, way too late. Final score and deserved win to JPC, 12 - 4.

In true PNBHS style, we won the cheer, loud and proud.

We play again this afternoon against Long Bay College. A win this afternoon means we finish our pool in 2nd. If that is the case, we expect to play Hamilton tomorrow in Round 4.

Match Report - Game 3 v Long Bay College:

Our final game of the day was against Long Bay College.

The focus of this game was to restore some confidence lost earlier in the day, play the quality waterpolo we knew we were capable of and find the back of the net by setting up well with on point passing as well as getting up out of the water.
It is safe to say, we managed just that. The question is, can we do it again when under more pressure. We would like to think we can on Wednesday at 12.15pm against Hamilton Boys'.

Final score 24-0.

Goals scored by Jayden (6), Ian (4), Ethan (3), Blake (3), Jack (3), Connor (2), Jason (2) and Quinlan (1)

Quarter Final v Hamilton BHS at 1:00pm

Day 3 of NISS began with Betty needing some assistance from the boys to get on the road.

We made our way to Papāmoa Domain for some fresh sea air and a run around before our Quarter Final against Hamilton Boys. It was going to be a tough game and it could have gone either way...though at full time, Quinlan Huff may have been inclined to describe the result as 'undefined'.

The first quarter started off well with Connor driving the opening goal at the end of the first minute. HB sent a clear message that they were out to win by scoring 2 successive goals, taking advantage of space. We answered back with a goal from Ian Tsui with 30 seconds to go to even things up. With 14 seconds left in the first quarter, HB sent a great goal into the back of the net, ending the quarter 3-2 in their favour.

The second quarter saw strong defence from both teams, with HB putting the first points on. We fought back immediately with Blake making the most of the opportunity. 1 minute later HB sent 2 goals in, making it look too easy. Tensions were starting to rise with both teams wearing an ejection each in the last 30 seconds of the quarter.

The score was now 6-3 going into the third. We needed to score next to keep the gap from heading too far out of reach, but it wasn't to be. HB scored first after 1.5 minutes, taking the score to a dauntibg 7-4. Press defence was the order from Cambo and the boys stepped it up. Our defence was putting pressure on yhd opposite and starting to rattle some cages. Jack was able to capitalise off an extra man situation , bring the score to 7-5. We were now making our presence felt forcing another ejection on the other team, this time with Quinlan adding the points from a great set.

We went into the final quarter with a new found energy and confidence...we knew we could even things up if we kept a strong press defence and dug deep to swim hard on offence. HB were visibly rattled and were feeling the heat. Two ejections in the first 2 minutes then Cambo called a strategic time out. We were on extra man and this time Jason Tsang came up with the goods bringing us within one point. The score was now 7 -6. Hamilton Boys were now feeling all the pressure and were handed a misconduct call. Quinlan took no time to capitalise, evening the game up 7-7. Discipline at this point is everything, a kickout on Quinlan from the opposition resulted in a brutality call which meant the opposition were down a player for the rest of the game (just under 2 minutes). All we had to do was slow down the game, pkay out the shot clock, score one goal and deny the opposition. Easier said than done. Full credit to HB who were impenetrable on defence and threatening on offence, despite being 1 man down. Goalie, Blake Storrier was sublime, stopping any attempts thrown at him.

The full time whistle blew. We were now in a penalty shoot out position. This is how it played out: Ian Tsui...goal, Blake, Jayden Nicholson...goal, Blake, Jason Tsang...denied, Opposition...goal, Quinlan Huff...goal, Blake

Final score 10-8, putting us through to the semi, playing JPC in 15 minutes.

Semi-Final v John Paul College at 7.45pm 

The first quarter was a stale mate with relentless defence from both teams.

It was 1 minute into the second quarter when JPC finally broke through, though 1 minute later, Tsui levelled the score. Defence held strong for both teams until the last 28 seconds when JPC struck once more, finishing up the quarter with us down 2-1.

Our boys were visibly tired but we were well within the grasps of this game...on paper. JPC had incredible stamina and their movement around the pool and the ability of Number 10, Josh Balmer, to turn over ball and shoot effortlessly, is a sight to behold. JPC dominated the quarter, leaving us scoreless and conceding 8 goals in the single quarter.

Going into the final quarter was no easy feat. We were down, but not out for the count. We had fight in us, now the battle was one of pride...kaua e mate whēke me mate ururoa.

Jack scored a stellar goal that no one saw coming, with Ethan scoring our 3rd for the game soon after. We played out the final quarter losing that 3-2...a much better performance and a demonstration of the resilience shown by this team.
The loss was a score of 13-3, a reminder that 6 minutes can make or break an opportunity to change a game.

The boys are sound asleep ready for our final fight of the tournament...battle for bronze against Westlake at 1.30pm.