Code Switch

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Code Switch
by Gerard Atkin - Saturday, 10 April 2021, 8:15 PM

PNBHS students Noah Purcell, Jack Billing, Vealata Tongati’o, Mase Maxwell, Jack Parker and Riley Barber will be part of the live cinema production, Code-Switch, showing for the first time out of Auckland at the Globe Theatre in collaboration with Palmerston Boys' and Girls' High Schools and Freyberg High School from 16 - 17 April.

The production comprises an original script that incorporates local stories and experiences allowing students to express themselves in this unique art form. These shows present a great opportunity to showcase young Pasifika and Māori talents that may otherwise go unheard, we are particularly invested in highlighting and growing their perspectives.

”Code Switch” intertwines themes that revolve around social class, white-washing and code switching. This is the adaptation of language and behaviour based on differing social environments in order to fit in with different demographics. The story follows low-decile students Hemi and Anna who are finding their way to success in the ‘real world’.

The length of the family-friendly show is 1 hour and 40 mins with an intermission of 20 mins. Tickets from $11.

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