Gateway student Jaykob Brindle

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Gateway student Jaykob Brindle
by Sally Wenham - Friday, 28 May 2021, 4:48 PM

Congratulations to Gateway student Jaykob Brindle who departs PNBHS today. Jacob has just gained an employment opportunity with Burne Aluminium, a Feilding based company that contacted the school seeking an apprentice. PNBHS would like to thank Burne Aluminium for contacting the school and providing Jaykob with this opportunity.

To all young men at the school...
Mr Johnson and Mr Barwick are almost daily having companies across a variety of trade/vocational areas contacting them. A number of these companies are offering full-time employment that will lead to apprenticeships for the 'right' student. Some companies are offering part-time jobs after school and weekends that again can lead to full-time employment down the line. All employers that contact the school have an understanding that you may have sporting and cultural commitments and are willing to accommodate this.

Jaykob is a fine example of a young man who responded to an employment opportunity offered to the school, had an interview and is now leaving into employment. PNBHS wish Jaykob all the best.