Featherston Street Cycleway

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Featherston Street Cycleway
by Gerard Atkin - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 7:29 AM

Can You Help Develop the Featherston Street Cycleway?

Cycling is an important mode of transport for many students. The PNCC would like to grow the numbers of cyclists in our city, including the number of students cycling to and from school and this is your chance to be involved!


  • Palmerston North City Council would like to work with enthusiastic students to develop the new cycleway along Featherston Street
  • Council has a programme to develop a connected network of on-road cycleways across the city, called the Urban Cycle Network Masterplan
  • Featherston Street is one of the key links in this network
  • It will connect with cycleways on other streets, forming an integrated network for bike riders of all ages and abilities


  • Our city is growing and we need to enable more people to move around safely and easily
  • Featherston Street is a busy thoroughfare and we need to make it user-friendly for everyone
  • This project will create a separated cycleway, encouraging more people to cycle more often
  • Cycling, like walking, helps make our streets safer and our community healthier


  • We would like to work with enthusiastic PNBHS students to develop the Featherston Street cycleway, in particular the section between Rangitikei Street and Albert Street
  • The opportunity is to work on:
    • Workshopping the project, identifying the transport issues (what’s the problem) and possible solutions
    • Co-creating concept designs
    • Engaging with school and external stakeholders, including local businesses and residents
    • Measuring and reporting on cycling, walking and bus travel participation
    • Initiatives in school to encourage modal shift
    • Sharing your experiences and learnings with other schools and Council
  • The work would take place at school and in the community, and involve PNCC’s Activity Manager for Active Transport, as well as the Project Manager and other staff