PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI Football v Breakers RSM Report

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PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI Football v Breakers RSM Report
by Sally Wenham - Saturday, 10 July 2021, 7:58 PM

Backing up a long week of football, the PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI played Breakers RSM to kick off the term break and get back into the swing of men’s division football. PNBHS were also looking for a good win to push themselves up the ladder to challenge the leaders. With all five goals being scored in the first half, PNBHS got the result they wanted, winning 4-1.

Back on the turf, PNBHS could return to playing with the speed and bounce they were used to. It took only five minutes for the team to show their intentions with Thomas Bell putting Adarsh Dutt on goal with a ball in behind the RSM defence. As he has done multiple times already this year, the long-range vision and accuracy of Matthew Rowe lined Thomas Bell up for a goal of his own – the play too quick to be caught by the RSM players and the cameraman. Brooklyn Browne also carried his tournament form into the weekend, being roughed up on occasion, but owning his goal box and making strong, decisive saves throughout the game. Quick transitional play in the 40th minute saw Ben Mori find the fingertips of the keeper, the upright, and finally the net to push his team out into a comfortable lead. Not content to play out the remaining time, Daniel McDougall put Ben Mori on goal again – beating two defenders before sending the ball past the keeper. This goal sees Ben join Jaiden Meyer in leading the Horizons Premiership Golden Boot, with 13 goals each this season.

The second half saw no change to the scoreboard, but opportunities aplenty for both sides. Free kicks to PNBHS kept out by the RSM keeper, and at the other end, the RSM strikers needing to do better to get one past a strong defence and the gloves of Brooklyn Browne.

The win sees the PlaceMakers PNBHS 1st XI back into second place on the division ladder. The result also shows the team's depth of skill and ability, with the reserves getting solid game time in their legs in order to rest and rotate starting players after a huge week.

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