Cross Country

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Cross Country
by Gerard Atkin - Monday, 9 May 2022, 11:04 AM

Well done to all of the young men who challenged themselves in the PNBHS Cross Country on Friday.  Alongside some impressive performances from our top runners it was also fantastic to see the endeavour from such a significant proportion of our students.  The club points are still being calculated and we will share those results when they are available.  Congratulations to all of the podium finishers:

Junior Cross Country

1st – Grayson Cattle, Albion

2nd – Micah Steinmetz – Murray

3rd – Nate George – Murray

 Intermediate Cross Country

1st – Reuben Duker, Gordon

2nd – Jacob Lean, Kia Ora

3rd – Charlie Hook, Kia Ora

 Senior Cross Country

1st – Sam Stichbury, Kia Ora

2nd – Mathew Jamieson, Murray

3rd – Jonathan Jamieson, Murray