University Presentation

Picture of Gerard Atkin
University Presentation
by Gerard Atkin - Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 8:49 PM

At assembly this morning young men who achieved A grade results in their 2022 Semester 1 papers were recognised. 

Special mention was made of the young men who were enrolled in four papers and were awarded A grades for all four papers: Aadesh Ganugapati, Morgan Lee, Lucas Richardson (now studying at Gerogetown University, Washington DC).

Students awarded at least one A grade: Afaan Ahmer, Ayden Armstrong, Payton Bamfield, Maxwell Bedford, Josh Bergerson, Kevin Cao, Luke Cherrington, Liam Edmunds, Sharif Ellicott, Aadesh Ganugapati, Chisora Hada, Benjamin Herron, Oscar Hodgson, Leo Huang, Muhammad Huzaifa, William Jacobs, Rohan Kanagasundaram, Minseong Kim, Jacob Knight, Morgan Lee, Mitchell Liang, Callum McKinnon, Ben McQueen-Davies, Lucas Richardson, Ethan Riley,  Telson Liuvaie, Carter Underwood, Jacob Waugh, David Wu and Leo Xu.