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9OG - What is PNBHS?

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9OG - What is PNBHS?
by Mark Callagher - Thursday, 15 May 2014, 12:27 PM

9OG students were given a SOLO assessment task, collaborating in groups, requiring them to create an effective diagram answering the question "What is Palmerston North Boys' High School? The task was completed using a fantastic tool called Lucidchart.

Ts is what Kyle, Chris, Gus & Jack came up with:

mind mapping software

Other top quality Extended Abstract and really interesting diagrams produced by 9OG students:

What is PNBHS? - by Wade, Sam, Jarod & Zain

What is PNBHS? - by Mitchell, Kaleb, Bailey & Dylann

What is PNBHS? - by Aedan, Richard, Dylan & Josh