IMMC (International Maths Modelling Competition) 2024

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IMMC (International Maths Modelling Competition) 2024
by Gerry Atkin - Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 12:12 PM

Scott Sun and Gabriel Crisp competed in the IMMC (International Maths Modelling Competition) 2024 challenge over five days in the first week of the Term 1 school holidays. This year's problem was based on picking the perfect pet and assessing an owner's ability to care for the pet long-term. They created a model for the situation in New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland including future projections for the population of ideal pet owners.

In total 19 teams competed. The work produced was high quality: "The judges were very impressed with the standard of submissions this year." and PNBHS was one of the few public schools that entered the competition. Unfortunately, their submission did not reach the final two, but they are to be commended for the very high standard of work produced.