Stratus - Header Styles and Text Formatting


Heading 1

Header 1 is the Header size used in the Course Page sections and is also automatically centred for the top section of a course page.

Heading 2

Header 2 is smaller than Header 1 and is useful if you want a major heading but something a bit smaller than Heading 1. (Heading 2 is used at the top of this page)

Heading 3

Heading 3 is smaller again than Heading 2

Heading 4

Header 4 has an underline and is a nice header to use for separating ideas

Heading 5

Header 5 also has an underline but is italicised

Heading 6

Header 6 uses a background shading for something a bit different


This is paragraph text and is the standard default text in Stratus

If you want to change the appearance of a particular piece of text then try changing the Font family

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