Academic Presentations

Picture of Gerard Atkin
Academic Presentations
by Gerard Atkin - Friday, 16 April 2021, 4:58 PM

At assembly this morning Super Eight Academic badges were awarded to young men who excelled in NCEA and Scholarship assessments in 2020. Academic progress and achievement require effort and determination, especially when confronted with challenging work. These young men certainly exemplify our school value of Te mahi tahi | Industry.

NCEA Level Two Endorsed with Excellence

Josh Bergerson, Kevin Cao, Nicholas Dewhurst, Sharif Ellicott, Aadesh Ganugapati, Mehnoor Ghumann, Kieran Giddens, Oscar Hodgson, Rohan Kanagasundaram, Daniel Kim, Mitchell Liang, Josiah Luoni, Angus Lyver, John Minton, Arahan Pilkington, Ajay Ravji, Lucas Richardson, Carter Underwood, Martin Vibart, Jacob Waugh, Anthony Wen, Riley Wratten-Young, David Wu, Leo Xu, Nathanael Zhang.

NCEA Level Three Endorsed with Excellence

Jacob Dredge, John Hopcroft, Shaheer Hussain, Ken O'Connor, Chenuka Rajapakse, Zane Sanko, Ash Taylor, Flynn Underwood, Dan van der Spuy, Michael Watkins.

Scholarship Examinations

Alex Cole - NCEA Level Three Endorsed with Excellence, Scholarship passes in Calculus, Chemistry and Physics

Blake Storrier - NCEA Level Three Endorsed with Excellence, Scholarship pass in History

Clancy Wu - Scholarship pass in Chinese