Deputy Head Prefect Saem Millward:

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Deputy Head Prefect Saem Millward:
by Gerard Atkin - Thursday, 8 February 2024, 7:19 AM

Meet Deputy Head Prefect Saem Millward:

"My full name is Saem Michael Millward and I was born in Palmy. I'm half Korean from my mother's side and half Kiwi from my dad's. My name is spelt as Saem due to it being translated from Korean, meaning spring or fountain.

I have a huge passion for physical exercise and absolutely love weightlifting and going to the gym. I also enjoy singing and playing piano in my spare time, and love being on stage in any form.

This year I really hope to increase student participation in performing arts events such as the prefect assembly performances and club choral participation. In terms of broader goals, I want to help keep this cohort of prefects to account, and not let each other slack as the year progresses, as naturally they do.

I’m really looking forward to working more closely with senior management and having conversations regarding the well being of our junior students specifically, in order to raise the bar for the senior cohorts to come."