Deputy Head Prefect Jack Trotter:

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Deputy Head Prefect Jack Trotter:
by Gerard Atkin - Thursday, 8 February 2024, 1:05 PM

Meet Deputy Head Prefect Jack Trotter:

"My name is Jack Trotter, and I am the 2024 Deputy Head Prefect alongside Saem Millward and the Head Boy of College House.
I come from a farming background just out of Marton, where my parents run a sheep and beef farm. Due to this background, I love getting outdoors and playing sports such as rugby, cricket, hunting, water sports, snowboarding, and the gym. I am also part of the Accelerate programme at school, which means I achieved Level 3 last year, so this year I have got a little more time that I can use to try and have an influence on the school this year in things such as the Shand Shield.

One of my goals this year is to influence the school, in particular the day boy clubs, to have a greater involvement in the Shand Shield competition to keep the club rivalry tight, and competitive. Also, much like Saem, as I assist him in this job, I also want to keep this cohort of prefects to account and ensure that the prefect duties are upheld.

This year I am really looking forward to working closely with the boys at College House, in particular the Year 9’s, in the marching and Niger House events, which are huge at the hostel. I am also looking forward to working with the senior management team to share ideas to further improve the school to benefit the students for years to come."