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  • General Activities at PNBHS

    Palmerston North Boys' High School provides a wide range of co-curricular activities for the young men at PNBHS to take advantage of and participate in.

    The General Activities on offer at PNBHS include:
    • Astronomy
    • Beekeeping
    • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Maths Competition Teams
    • Photography
    • Quiz Teams
    • Science Fairs
    • Vex Robotics
  • Astronomy Club

    This club enables boys who became interested in astronomy while studying the topic during junior science lessons to spend more time learning about it. A webpage with details regarding the observation evenings to be held is at

        giphy (5).gif 

    • Beekeepers' Club

      Since the 1980s bees have been used by the Biology Department during entomology lessons as an example of a colonial insect. This led to the formation of a club which introduces boys to an interesting hobby and a possible career. Details regarding the current work being done by the club can be found at


      • S.O.A.P

        Follow the link to access backing tracks and pdf copies of the music. You may need to download them for them to play correctly

      • School of Rock

        School of Rock is open to all students who want to be in a band, jam, or just learn more about contemporary music and how music technology works. Fill in your details on the registration form so that other students can contact you and we know what workshops and courses interest you. Don't forget to save changes before exiting.

        Any issues see Mr Young

      • Shand Shield Choral Competition

        Follow the link to resources for Shand Shield Choral Competition 2015.

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